Campsite Ancoradoiro

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Tranquility and silence


The campsite Ancoradoiro is included within the protected natural area of "Monte y Laguna de Louro", next to the protected natural area of "Carnota-Monte Pindo" and very close to the marine reserve of "Os Miñarzos".


It is well integrated into the natural landscape.


We have used very few artificial materials and there is a great variety of plants. It´s a perfect place for people who are looking for tranquillity.


This campsite is the perfect place for a relaxing, tranquil "get away from it all" holiday.


Each year we put in new trees and plants so our campsite is like a garden.


So the campsite Ancoradoiro has been re-inhabited by birds and small animals and this is why in the campsite; loud music, fires and the movement of vehicles between midnight and 8 a.m. is not allowed.


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Camping Ancoradoiro
Porto do Ancoradoiro Nº 6
Telef: 981878897 / 659600861

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